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Service Exchange Dew Point Probes


We now offer a Dew Point Probe service exchange program for the following models.



Dew Point Probe

Type Number


S 220

-100° to 0° C
S 220 w pressure-100° to 0° C
S 217-50° to +20° C
S 212-50° to +20° C
S 215-20° to +50° C
S 201-60° to +20° C
S 305-50° to +20° C












The requirements to qualify for a service exchange Dew Point Probe are:
  • The sensor to be replaced must not be older than 5 years.
  • You order the exchange sensor in the same way as a new one with all it’s options. You add the wording “exchange sensor” into the P/O. Please specify any non-standard settings, like analog out, Modbus address or any other modifications
  • You will receive a refurbished sensor with a calibration certificate.
  • The exchange sensor will have a different serial number. The old serial number cannot be retained.
  • The old sensor has to be returned within 6 weeks otherwise we will invoice the balance to the new sensor.

Please contact us for an Ex-Works price and lead times.