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High Quality Compressed Air Filtration

Point of Use Dryers

In today’s tough economy the need for high quality compressed air filtration at a reasonable cost is paramount. With this in mind, Artic Driers International has launched the E Series filter range. The casings and elements are manufactured by a German-owned group in Malaysia. This combination of low operating overheads combined with German standards results in high quality in-line coalescing air filtration at an extremely low price.

A Unique Compressed Air Dryer

TX Series Compressed Air Dryers

The condenser coil and the fan are the two components most likely to cause premature failure of a dryer.

Filtration in pneumatic systems

Pneumatic valves and cylinders are not cheap, so it makes good financial sense to protect them from premature failure. Water separators have no internal filter element, they rely on centrifugal motion. These will only collect liquids that have already condensed. They may be installed prior to a coalescing set to reduce the work load on the filter elements.

Compressed air leak detection and quality management

Compressed air costs around R0,13 per cubic metre; it is not a cheap source of motive power at all. Therefore, it is surprising that many engineers cannot provide an overall cost to company for their compressed air systems. A typical 160 kW air compressor will consume around R1,3 million a year in power when providing a basic plant air service plan operating 24/7/365.

Artic Driers, Legendary C/Air Treatment Equipment & Support

Air Treatment Equipment & Support

There are few products that  can really  claim to  have stood the test of time, and there are even fewer companies that last a quarter of a century!

The picture tells a story of products and the people who have made compressed air treatment their passion in life.

New ERC Aftercooler



The all new range of  locally assembled high capacity air cooled after coolers is now available from Artic Dryers. Equipped with high efficiency fans and weatherproof switch, these units are ideal for air treatment for hire units & fixed  applications.

These units are supplied with a condensate  water separator and an Artic 22-2 timed 220 volt/1/50 Hz condensate drain. 


The cost of compressed air in South Africa ha escalating at an alarming rate over the last 2 years. The need for compressed (c/air) air treatment has also escalating as global manufacturing and quality standards are applied in our country allowing us to compete on the world’s markets.

Plant managers agree that polluted compressed air escalates the leak rates, as well as increasing downtime within a plant.

 A 10% leak rate on a 160  kW compressor will cost a company around R160,000-00 p.a.

Air Dryer heat exchanger extended warranty by Artic Driers

Air Dryer Heat Exchanger extended warrenty by Artic Driers


How to select a Dryer

 How to select your dryer


To achieve maintenance and reliability  with compressed air, one is invariably drawn to the realisation that  a compressed air dryers is “the” solution. Compressed air without a dryer and filter bank will be wet, oily, contaminated and will cause hours of hectically costly downtime.


There are a few misconceptions on this issue.  Some clients and even a few companies mistakenly believe, that a filter is the same as a refrigeration or chemical air dryer.

There is a very very big difference. A quality coalescing filter will remove oils (hydrocarbons) will filter to 0.001mg/m3. The same element may well filter down to 0.01 micron. Activated carbon filters remove compressor oils down to 0,003 ppm

A filter is, as the English Oxford dictionary tells us is, is a mechanical entrapment device for removing solids.

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