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Air Blast After Coolers

After coolers

ERC Aftercooler Series

ERC Aftercooler
ERC Aftercoolers



The all new range of  locally assembled high capacity air cooled after coolers is now available from Artic Dryers. Equipped with high efficiency fans and weatherproof switch, these units are ideal for air treatment for hire units & fixed  applications.

These units are supplied with a condensate  water separator and an Artic 22-2 timed 220 volt/1/50 Hz condensate drain. 

JAC Airblast Aftercoolers 1.82 - 99 m³/min @ 7 bar

Airblast Aftercoolers, Airblast Aftercooler
JAC Airblast Aftercoolers 1.82 - 99 m³/min @ 7 bar

How It Works

The hot compressed air is cooled down to 10ºC above ambient by passing cooler atmospheric air over the radiator containing the hotter compressed air. The radiator is cooled either by an electric or air driven fan unit.

The water vapour trapped in the compressed air is condensed to a liquid & is drained to waste by a timed electronic auto drain.

An aftercooler is normally* required to reduce the compressed air’s temperature before a filtration or a drying process

* Except when using a HTK air dryer package 

JAC air blast aftercoolers provide you with cool compressed air ready for your system or the next stage of air treatment


  • Smaller units complete with on/ off switch
  • Timed electric auto drains with isolation valve & strainer ensures reliable condensate drainage & dryer compressed air
  • Constant temperature performance
  • Get cleaner air from your tank mounted compressor


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