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HRE Series Adsorption Air Dryers

HRE Series Adsorption Air Dryers

HRE Series Exhaust Purge, Adsorption Type Compressed Air Dryers, HRE Series Absorption Type Compressed Air Dryers

The HRE Series of exhaust purge desiccant air dryers are designed & manufactured by Jemaco Flair for heavy duty applications where compressed air conservation and low dewpoints are essential.

These are some of the key features of the HRE Series dryer;

  • PLC controller as standard
  • High performance butterfly switching valves.
  • Low wattage heaters with large surface areas
  • Programmable logic dewpoint controllers
  • Minus 40ºC dewpoint performance
  • Minus 73ºC is optional
  • Wide variety of instrumentation options
  • ASME vessel coded pressure vessels
  • Compu-Purge Dewpoint control option saves air wastage
  • RS 232 communication port as an optional extra
  • Proven design history


For those who are really, really, serious about air quality Jemaco- Flair HRE air dryers from Artic Driers

How It Works

The exhaust purge air dryer is similar to the heatless air dryer in that there is a purge loss however, because the purge air and desiccant is heated we can reduce the purge air flow to 7% of the dryers flow rate. By reducing the purge loss by half, we greatly reduce the operating cost of the air dryer.

Wet air enters the dryer and is diverted into the drying vessel where it is dried to – 40 ºC dewpoint, some 7% of this dried air is diverted into the regenerating vessel (de-sorption process) where it is heated and expanded to almost atmospheric pressure. This hot air comes into equilibrium with the desiccant and strips off the moisture thereby regenerating the back to full capacity.

The wet air is then exhausted to atmosphere. The desiccant is heated for +/- 3 hrs within a 4 hr cycle, to fully regenerate it. The heater is turned off for the last hour prior to vessel changer over, to allow the desiccant to cool down. The desiccant is not effective if its temperature is above 60 ºc so the bed is cooled down with cool dry compressed air at very close to atmospheric pressure. This minimizes the potential of dewpoint spikes (bumps) when the vessels change over at the end of a cycle

Warning Large capacity dryers can be expensive to operate, ensure you have chosen the correct dryer for your application!

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