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JBP Series Adsorption Air Dryers

JBP Series Adsorption Air Dryers

JBP Series Blower Purge Adsorption Compressed Air Dryer, JBP Series Adsorption Air Dryers

JBP Series Blower Purge Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers 42 to 198 m³/min @ 7 bar

The JBP Series Adsorption Air Dryersof blower purge desiccant air dryers are designed & manufactured by Jemaco Flair for heavy duty applications where compressed air conservation and low dewpoints are an essential.

The key to reliability of the JBP Series dryer is;

  • High performance switching valves.
  • Heavy duty ring type air blower
  • Low wattage heaters with large surface areas
  • Programmable logic dewpoint controllers
  • Minus 40ºC dewpoint performance
  • Minus 73ºC is optional
  • Wide variety of instrumentation options
  • ASME vessel coded pressure vessels
  • Compu-Purge Dewpoint control option saves air wastage
  • Proven design history

For those who are serious about air quality Jemaco- Flair JBP air dryers from Artic Driers.
How It Works

The JBP Series dryer operates on a standard 8 hour fully automatic NEMA cycle. During this continuous process, one vessel is drying the incoming wet air for 8 hours. At the same time the other vessel is being re- activated with heated atmospheric air. The heaters are external of the pressure vessels. No imbedded / internal heaters are used. No cooling water or process purge air is required. Purge air flows are minimized with this system

Warning Large capacity dryers can be expensive to operate, ensure you have chosen the correct dryer for your application!


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