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PSK Series Adsorption Air Dryers

PSK Series Aborption Air Dryers

Aborption Air Dryers, Compressed Adsorption Air Dryers, PSK Series Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

Rating: 1.62 to 93.93m3/min

Standard  operating conditions: 7 bar pressure with a 38 degrees C ambient temperature and 38 degree C inlet temperature.

Dewpoint: -40 degrees C

The PSK Series Aborption Air Dryers is the newest generation of heatless desiccant compressed air dryers, which are designed and built with confidence to offer the highest reliability in the industry.

The key to reliability of the PSK Series dryer is the proprietary air flow switching valve. Based on its superior design and proven performance this shuttle valve is covered by a lifetime replacement warranty.

  • Minus 40ºC dewpoint performance
  • Minus 73ºC is optional
  • Wide variety of instrumentation options
  • ASME vessel code option
  • Compu-Purge Dewpoint control option saves air wastage
  • Proven design history

For those who are serious about air quality Jemaco- Flair PSK air dryers from Artic Driers

How It Works

1. Oil, liquid and water particles are removed from inlet air by a pre-filter & filtered air passes through the lower shuttle vale into the on-stream vessel.

2. The wet air flows upward through the desiccant bed, which becomes dry air. Dry air @ -40ºC PDP (standard) or –73.3ºC PDP (optional) exists through upper shuttle valve and splits into process air & low flow purge air.

3. Purge air flows into top of regenerating vessel and dry purge air flows downward through vessel removing moisture from saturated vessel.

4. Wet purge air exists vessel through lower purge valve into exhaust muffler & to atmosphere as a vapour


Warning : Undersized dryers are ineffective & will provide you with hours of bad air quality !!

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