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Retrofit - Dewpoint Controllers

Retrofit Dew Point Controller

Retrofit Dew Point Controller

Adsorption Air Dryer Dew Point Controller

Model  - Artic Delta 3VND

Virtually all heatless twin tower heatless air dryers are designed for maximum water load, air flow and summer temperatures. Based on these parameters purge air flow rates are determined. The flow of the purge is traditionally though as fixed orifice.  On many  occasions these dryers are over purged thus wasting vast  amounts of expensive compressed air and imposing unnecessary  dryer component wear. The Artic Delta 3VND monitors & controls the dryer based on exiting compressed air dew point. It will extend the change over timing cycles reducing the air purge wastage and reducing wear rates on components. 


  • Greatly reduced compressor running costs. 
  • Constant monitoring of dryer outlet dew point.
  • Extends cycle time therefore, reduces purge air loses.
  • Early warning of any dryer failure which affects dew point.
  • Reduces wear on component parts such as solenoid valves, and can also extend the life of desiccant bed.
  • Data Logger allows permanent record of dew point performance.


  • Dew Point controlled – If the Compressed Air Dew Point is within the specified parameter (adjustable) then the Vessel will hold its state for a further period. The Controller will allow the dryer to fully utilize the capacity of the desiccant by extending the drying time (Adjustable) thereby reducing energy consumption, operating cost, and mechanical “wear and tear”.
  • The HMI includes lights and graphics to show the state of the dryer, which valves are in operation, which tower is under pressure or if the dryer is in a re-pressurizing sequence.
  • HMI 65536 Colour LCD Display – Touch Screen, easy to use menu’s. Available as a standard 3.5” screen with 5.6”, 7.0” or 10.4” screens as an option  
  • Accumulative running hours
  • Trend Graph for Dew Point Monitoring.
  • Log-able Dew Point Values sampled every minute, with a 1year memory.
  • History of Stored Data transferred toUSB Flash Drive. USB price not included.
  • Adjustable Alarm Functions for high dew point.
  • Maintenance alarms (adjustable periods) to alert differing services (desiccant replace after set hours, filter changes, etc).
  • Password protected – 6 security levels which are password protected for various access levels.
  • Two Dew Point sensors are available – FA 415 (Range -20°Ctd…+50°Ctd) and the FA 410 (Range -80°Ctd…+20°Ctd).
  • 4…20mA Analogue Output
  • IP 65 Rated.


Optional  Extras :

  • Pressure transducers, with additional pressure transducers before & after filter housings or a dryer, a differential pressure reading can be obtained. When differential reading exceeds a set point (adjustable)  an alarm will be generated. Should a system pressure drop below a set value (adjustable) the dryer can switch over to a bypass mode to avoid “sticky” bobbins and unnecessary air losses. Block and bypass valves not  included
  • Compressed air mass flow probes for system monitoring,  this includes the pipeline velocity readings.
  • Off-site monitoring of the system or dryer through RS485 or GPRS including the software is possible.
  • SMS Alerts function  if alarms are triggered is available.
  • Local Alarm Module Buzzer and Flashing Light is available
  • Oil carry-over test station. This is for clients that demand oil carry-over tests at regular intervals. The test station links to the Artic Delta for fast oil carry-over results.
  • Compressed Air Temperature reading and recording are available
  • Site conditions reading and recording – Ambient Temperature, Relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.
  • Any other 4…20mA or 0-10V Instrument can be configured and scaled into the PLC
  • Sequential inline pre and after filter timed drainage –this will reduce pressure drops by avoiding simultaneous  auto-drain purging.
  • Can be connected to Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet or Devicenet.

Technical Specifications

  • IP 65 rated materials.
  • Selectable 220VAC or 24VDC Power Supply
  • Max Current Output 1A
  • Din Rail Mounting in Enclosure.
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