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Z Series Adsorption Air Dryers

Z SERIES – ZERO PURGE – Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers

Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers, Z Series Absorption Compressed Air Dryers, Com
Adsorption Compressed Air Dryers, Z Series Absorption Compressed Air Dryers, Compressed Air Dryers, Absorption Compressed Air Dr

The Jemaco SPX  Z series compressed air dryers are designed for plant and instrument air applications where very  low dew points are required with zero purge air wastage, incorporating cutting edge technology  & high performance in adsorption air drying these units are designed for continuous duty in large manufacturing plants.  Capacities range from 42 to 198 m3/min at pressure form 4 bar to  10  bar

Using the heat of compression principle, the dryer uses the hot oil free air direct from the compressor discharge to  regenerate the off line tower. So eliminating the need for expensive compressed air purge losses.  The dryer operates on a standard 8 hour fully automatic NEMA cycle. During this continuous process, one tower is drying the compressed air for 4 hours. During the same time period the other tower is being reactivated with hot compressed air.


The Z series dryer also has an optional energy management control system that senses the dew point of the compressed  air as it exits the tower. Dew point sensors can  extend the drying cycle dependent on the air flow loading on the dryer

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