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Membrane Dryers

Membrane Air Dryer

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Membrane Air Dryer

Membrane dryers from SPX offer a solution to  users who require low dew point air at  point of use. These dryers can operate without electrical  power and offer exceptional operating reliability for the small to medium air user that requires dew point suppression without the use of electrical power.

The dryer only has no moving parts other than the drains on the pre filter pack. These membrane dryers do not affect the oxygen content of the dried air.  Purge air may be vented to atmosphere with no treatment  being required. Membrane dryers make use of some of the incoming air flow as purge air.  When used in conjunction with a refrigeration dryer low dew points can be achieved for a variety of applications.   The quantity of the  purge air required depends on;

  • The desired pressure dew point suppression.
  • The inlet  air temperature.
  • The inlet  air pressure.


The SPX DMD & DMM series membrane dryers may be fitted with an optional purge control valve that connects to a compressor’s on/off control system or a pressure switch to stop the purge in a “no flow” condition. This prevents compressed air wastage.


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