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HX Series Air Dryers

HX Series Compressed Air Dryers

HX Series Compressed Air Dryers

Rating; 1.74 to 141.11 m3/min


Standard  operating conditions: 8 bar pressure with a 30 degrees C ambient temperature and 40 degree C inlet temperature.


The HX series of air dryers offers compressed air users a reliable compact air dryer with super features including a Stainless Steel Heat exchanger

  • HX 76 to HX 6000 now fitted with stainless steel heat exchangers, provides longer life cycles
  • Simple dryer performance readout via Dryer System Monitor on dryers HX76 to HX 3000 inexpensive and practical.
  • Optional System Control Monitor optional on model HG800 & above – gives operators a total readout of dryers dew point performance and machine status
  • Timed electric auto drain with isolation valve & strainer ensures reliable condensate drainage & easy maintenance.
  • Intelligent Level controlled drains available as an option
  • Heavy duty & quiet condenser fan motors with heavy-duty bearings.
  • Wide fin condenser coil remains dirt free for longer periods and is easy to clean.
  • Compact conservative heat exchanger design with traditional materials provides long trouble free service life.


 To get dry high quality compressed air get a Jemaco- Flair HGK series air dryer from Artic Driers

How it Works

Using two heat exchangers the dryer progressively reduces the compressed air temperature to 3º. The drop in temperature forces water vapor into a liquid that can be drained. The air is reheated before being released to the air system

Warning: undersized dryers are ineffective & will provide you with hours of bad air quality

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