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TX Series Air Dryers

TX Series Compressed Air Dryers

compressed air dryer
TX Series Compressed Air Dryers

Rating: 0.38 to 1.28m3/min

Standard  operating conditions: 8 bar pressure with a 30 degrees C ambient temperature and 40 degree C inlet temperature.


How it Works

Using two heat exchangers the dryer progressively reduces the compressed air temperature to 3º. The drop in temperature forces water vapor into a liquid that can be drained. The air is reheated before being released to the air system


Warning: undersized dryers are ineffective & will provide you with hours of bad air quality !! 

The unique TX air dryer provides air users with a compact & reliable air dryer with unbeatable features :

  • Unique freon convection condenser – no fan - no blocked condenser coils - no problems
  • Timed electric auto drain with isolation valve & strainer ensures reliable condensate drainage & easy maintance.
  • Constant dewpoint performance
  • Fantastic air reheat system guarantees dewpoint performance and ensures no pipes drips.
  • All this at a Brilliant Price
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