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Air Silencers and Mufflers Overview

Air Silencers and Mufflers for General Pneumatic & Air Dryers

Air Silencers, Air Mufflers , Air Filter Silencers, Air Silencer
Air Silencers and Mufflers

The Allied Witon range of silencers and mufflers offer a wide range of silencers and mufflers for almost every possible pneumatic noise suppression requirement.  Manufactured in the USA to exacting standards.   Almost all the silencers stocked by Artic have the ability to have the central silencing element  replaced  as a spare part when it  becomes clogged or damaged. This simple advantage dramatically reduces  the costs of noise suppression!

The B, X and Bantam series are considered standard stock items by  Artic along with the replacement  elements. 

Allied Witon also produce, Vacuum Exhaust Silencers, High pressure silencers  Air inlet silencers for compressors.

Download the brochure to see the full range of products on offer.

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