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Intelligent Drains

Capacitance Drains - JDM High Pressure

Capacitance Drains, JDM Capacitance Drains
Capacitance Drains - JDM High Pressure

In addition to our extensive range of timer controlled drains we also a full range of capacitance condensate drains. These drains have many features that include;

  • Duel supply voltage 220 or 110 volt
  • Full body width stainless steel inlet screen
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Volt free alarm contacts
  • Low voltage heavy duty coils
  • Large diameter diaphragm valves
  • Manual override button
  • Alarm light function

These valves only open when liquids are in the bowl and close again before any expensive air is wasted to atmosphere. They pay for themselves by eliminating compresses air wastage.


Artic now has a 50 bar version that is ideal for the Blow Moulding industry, with the same features as the standard pressure series, the opportunity for the reduction in compressed air wastage has never been better. This unit will easily repay it cost with months

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