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Artic 11

Small timed automatic drain, used manely on filters

Artic 11 Condensate drains

Timed Automatic Condensate Drains, Condensate Drains, Automatic Condensate Drain
Timed Automatic Condensate Drains

The ARTIC 11 is designed to provide a solution for the automatic draining of filter bowls. The draining intervals can be adjusted to suit filters up to 18m³/min.

The ARTIC 11 unit consists of a solid-state timer coupled to a solenoid valve and only requires a simple installation procedure. High-pressure versions and a variety of voltages are available.

Failure to carry out regular draining of filters can have catastrophic results leading filter element collapse. Air systems can become grossly contaminated and production schedules seriously disrupted, because a simple duty has been neglected


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