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Artic 44

Motorised ball valve half inch

Artic 44

Condensate Drains, Automatic Condensate Drain
Timed Automatic Condensate Drain Artic 44

There are some applications requiring specialized systems to remove contaminated or aggressive condensates. Typical examples are large receivers, inline separators & on the condensate discharge or downstream of deliquescent dryers.

This unit is compact and is housed in a through ABS fire resistant casing. The valve actuator / timer module is manufactured to IP 65 standards. A tough sensitive pad adjusts the drain time intervals with 10 different drain time intervals between 4 min to 24 hrs. The 44 can also be programmed to “stay in the open position over 10 steps to between 7 sec’s to 15 minutes. The valve can be manually triggered, and is fitted with a high intensity LED showing the operational status. Maximum pressure 40 bar G, 220 or 110 volt power supply is needed.

The ARTIC 44 offers a cost effective and reliable drain system for all types of application. Please note that both 110v and 220v units are available.


 Failure to carry out regular draining of filters can have catastrophic results leading to filter element collapse. Air systems can become grossly contaminated and production schedules seriously disrupted, because a simple duty has been neglected.


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