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Condensate Management

Oily Water Condensate Separators

Oil Water Condensate Separators, Oily Water Condensate Separators, Air Compresso
Oily Water Condensate Separators

Liquid contaminates are generated throughout compressed air systems. To protect down stream equipment the condensate has to be removed and discharge form the air system in an environmentally friendly manner.

Around 1% of liquid waste is actually oil contamination, the vast percentage of liquid contamination is water “infected” with a small percentage of oil from the compressor.

To store this liquid waste for disposal is bulky, messy, a potential Bio Hazard, and also very expensive

Condensate must be purified to strict legal levels before the water content from the condensate may be discharged into a drain. Discharging of contaminated condensates not only damages the environment, but is now illegal and leaves operators and CEO’s open to substantial fines.

An advanced low cost solution, Sepura offers a genuine alternative to more expensive machines.

Simplicity in design, constructions and operation makes the purchase cost the lowest in its class. The innovative design makes the unit easy to maintain and service, with the filter material produced form 50% waste recycled materials, this again reduces the impact on the environment

The new Sepura 3500 & 7000 series offer users high volume condensate oily water separation & treatment. With capacities up to 198 m3/min.

Money Back Guarantee. T’s and C’s apply

Talk to us for answers and avoid the fines

  • Meets the latest hazardous waste regulations
  • Avoids the risk of prosecution
  • Four models to choose form
  • Any type of condensate drain valve may be used
  • Effective separation of mineral, synthetic and polyglycol lubricants
  • Efficient separation of condensate allowing up to 99.9% of the condensate into the drain
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain
  • Performance guarantee 

** This statement assumes that all the correct selection information was made available to the Artic sales team member at time of purchase.


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