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Air Saver - Timed Automatic System Shutdown Valve

Air Saver - Timed Automatic System Shutdown Valve

The Air Saver valves offer a cost effective and reliable air mains shut off after hours when compressed air is no longer required after normal operating hours in a factory

This means that air is conserved in the major arterial mains and air receivers ready for a fast track start up in the morning.

All the Air Saver series valves are ported up to 2” bsp female.

Close and opening times are easily adjusted via control panel on the fascia of the valve. Manual override is included and is very easy to activate.



  • CE tested.
  • Fully automatic
  • LED indicators, show operational status.
  • IP 45 enclosure
  • Adjactable Timing
  • Simple to install
  • Rugged ABS timer housing
  • Compact Design

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