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Dewpoint Monitors & Alarms

Dewpoint Monitors and Alarms

Energy Saving

 Artic Driers can offer users a reliable and easy to use system for any dew point monitoring / alarm system. From simple probes that will provide a volt  free contact to a light or horn, to  others that will provide a local dew point LCD display & settable alarm with a 4-20mAmp signal that can be coupled to a central computer system.

 Artic staff are well versed in the range of instruments and are constantly attending the latest courses to  ensure that we are up to  date at all times

 Relying on an air dryer display does not tell you the real  state of the compressed air systems dryness, and a dryers fascia panel will only  tell you the physical  compressed air temperature, not the moisture content  of the compressed air line! 

 One simple blocked drain will infect an air system very quickly and this fault is very easy for an operator to  overlook for days or even weeks.

 A dew point alarm will give you instant pre warning of an imminent system contamination  


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