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Electronic Differential Pressure Gauges

Electronic Differential Pressure Gauges

XAM - 200 DP gauge

XAM-200 is a differential pressure gauge designed to measure the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of AIR-VIP and VACUUM VIP filters.

Differential pressure measure allows to identify when it is suitable and convenient to change out the filter element. the pressure guage has on both sides a scale in two colours in a range from 0 to 0.7 bar.

When the indicator is on the green zone means that the filter is using the right amount of energy.

When the indicator gauge is on the red zone, it means that the filter is absorting too much energy therefore the filter element should be substituted.

Some hints, as there is no pressure behind the lens and a special membrane gaskets, provide the XAM-200 with a great safety measure.


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