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BEA Technology

Sterile Filters

Sterile Filter

We offer a wide variety of sterile stainless steel filter casings for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, hospitals, and fermentation industries to  name a few.

Made in Europe to  extremely   high standards by Bea Technology these units offer the  protection and peace of mind that these demanding industries require

Artic 11 Condensate drains

Timed Automatic Condensate Drains, Condensate Drains, Automatic Condensate Drain
Timed Automatic Condensate Drains

The ARTIC 11 is designed to provide a solution for the automatic draining of filter bowls. The draining intervals can be adjusted to suit filters up to 18m³/min.

The ARTIC 11 unit consists of a solid-state timer coupled to a solenoid valve and only requires a simple installation procedure. High-pressure versions and a variety of voltages are available.

Failure to carry out regular draining of filters can have catastrophic results leading filter element collapse. Air systems can become grossly contaminated and production schedules seriously disrupted, because a simple duty has been neglected


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High Effeciency , Vacuum Filters for Medical Applications

medical filter, vacuum, bea
Bea Vacuum Filter for medical use

Bea has developed a new line of sterilizing filters, Vacuum filters, for medical use.

These filters represent a concrete answer to the increasing demand of sterile compressed air to be employed in both high technology production processes and critical medical applications.

Compressed air can be highly contaminated with particles and micro-organisms.

The Vacuum filters are ideal for the elimination of contamination from the pump and the atmosphere.

They can be utilized in all the hospital departments, including analytical laboratories and other pharmaceutical fields.


Characteristics and Maintenance.

The Vacuum filters are made up of two main parts; the filter element and the drain flask. It is essential to ensure that the filter is mounted correctly, with the air flow passing through the filter element from outside to in.

Additionally, daily checks of the drain flask should be made and any collected liquid vented. The filter elements must be replaced on a regular basis to minimize pressure loss, with a recommended maximum life of six months.


Standard test methods show the VACUUM filter cartridges to have an efficiency of 99,9998%. This equates to 0,0002% penetration when tested to BS 3928, exceeding the requirements of the National Health Service model engineering specification HTM 2022


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Bea Filters

air filter, drain trap
Bea air filter removes dust particales and water

-Discontinued Range-

-Please contact our helpful sales staff with regards to our new Filters-

Modern manufacturing industries require the cleanest, most reliable compressed air supply available. Compromising your compressed air supply can result in a reduction in product quality, affect site safety and can even result in a production line coming to a halt. A small investment in the VIP range of compressed

The air then passes through the second filtration layer, which consists of borosilicate microfibres. This allows the capture pf particles with sizes down to 0.01 micron and the formation of condensate droplets, which are conveyed to the outer coalescing layers of the cartridge. This outer barrier collects the droplets of water and oil, allowing them to run down to the bottom of the cartridge and into the filter bowl of the housing assembly. Although the compressed air element allow liquids to pass through, the retained solids eventually result in them becoming blocked.

The pleated construction of our ARS range of filters elements provides a very high surface area for the retention of the solids particles (± 4-5 times when compared to conventional rolled filter of most manufacturers); the result is an exceptionally long life & very low pressure drop for the element.

  • Direct interception (removal of coarse particles on the outside of the filtration surface)
  • Inertial impaction (removal pf particles thanks to the tortuous path formed by the microfibres).
  • Diffusion (fine particles adhere to the microfibres thanks to “Brownian motion”).


CDF-10012072100601/2" Gas161ARS 100
CDF-1802201321801103/4" Gas161ARS 180
CDF-290330198290 170 1" GAS 16 ARS 290 
CDF-460500 300 460 270 1 1/4" GAS 16 ARS 460 
CDF-610680 408 610 360 1 1/2" GAS 16 

ARS 610 

CDF-9301000 600 930 550 2" GAS 16 1ARS 930
CDF-150016009601500900DN80161ARS 1400
CDF-21002200132021001240DN80 PN16162ARS 2100

-Discontinued Range- 

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