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Vacuum Filters

High Effeciency , Vacuum Filters for Medical Applications

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Bea Vacuum Filter for medical use

Bea has developed a new line of sterilizing filters, Vacuum filters, for medical use.

These filters represent a concrete answer to the increasing demand of sterile compressed air to be employed in both high technology production processes and critical medical applications.

Compressed air can be highly contaminated with particles and micro-organisms.

The Vacuum filters are ideal for the elimination of contamination from the pump and the atmosphere.

They can be utilized in all the hospital departments, including analytical laboratories and other pharmaceutical fields.


Characteristics and Maintenance.

The Vacuum filters are made up of two main parts; the filter element and the drain flask. It is essential to ensure that the filter is mounted correctly, with the air flow passing through the filter element from outside to in.

Additionally, daily checks of the drain flask should be made and any collected liquid vented. The filter elements must be replaced on a regular basis to minimize pressure loss, with a recommended maximum life of six months.


Standard test methods show the VACUUM filter cartridges to have an efficiency of 99,9998%. This equates to 0,0002% penetration when tested to BS 3928, exceeding the requirements of the National Health Service model engineering specification HTM 2022


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