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Plastics - Drying, Conveying & Blending

Bry Air Conveying Systems

Bry Air Conveying Systems, Automated Conveying Systems, Conveying Systems, Modul
Bry Air Conveying Systems


The Bry Air Conveying System advantage is in it being a one-stop shop. This ensures no spillage, no material wastage, right material for the right machine at the right time and quick change over of material. This results in continuous feed of material and thus an accident free shop floor.

The BCS series comes with

  • Receiver
  • Regenerative Vacuum Pump Station
  • Central Dust Collector
  • Bry Smart Controller


All the parts in contact with material is made of SS304.

The Integrated Proximity Sensor activates material demand. The special dump valve design mounted on a bearing allows smooth movement of dump valve's blanking disc and closing during the conveying process.

The SS Mesh Filter of 530 micron separates the resin from the air. There is a Vacuum Break Valve for automated mesh filter cleaning and quick evacuation. Specially designed material entry creates 'cyclonic effect' to save filter mesh from damage.

The special flapper with a long life silicone seals at mesh filter, load valve and dump valve for leak proof vacuum. This allows receiver usage at higher temperatures.

The special flapper also served the purpose of deflecting incoming material away from the screen.

The Access Door allows servicing & inspection of dump valve assembly without any tools. The receiver comes with a highly effective magnet and a clearly visible tower light for status of operation and fault. The Receiver comes in capacities of 6 liters, 15 liters, 30 liters, 60liters, 75 liters.

Regenerative Vacuum Pump Station

The brushless regenerative pumps are noiseless and low in maintenance. They provide powerful vacuum to convey free flowing pellets and regrind.

Every unit is fully assembled and permanently lubricated to deliver optimum vacuum and is consolidated on a compact frame.

The optional discharge selection valve allows exhaust air to be recycled back to the closed loop dry air system, or discharged to the atmosphere.

Specially designed by-pass valve with silencer, which allows pump to run on past system demand for prevention of rapid start/ stop cycles and pump over heating.

Safety relief valve and vacuum gauge to provide safety to the pump during certain unavoidable circumstances.

State-of-the art microprocessor controlled pump safety system which indicates voltage, current, frequency, load bar graph and a fault display of over load, under voltage, over voltage, phase sequence reversal & failure.

Central Dust Collector

A CRC powder Coated Self Standing Chamber that can be located anywhere between the pump and conveying system.

The central dust collector protects the pump and reduces filter maintenance by collecting fines and dust.

The separated dust and fines collected are easily cleaned and the sight glass in the chamber provides view for inspection.

Touch Screen Color Display & Management Password Protected Data Entry System.

Independent controller for each receiver. Clear functional colour display of each receiver and regenerative vacuum pump station.

Possible to program load time, dump time and regrind in % conveying time with respect to source in case of usage of Vacuum take off box(p) & Regenerative Vaccum Pump Station Seek Time.

Audio Visual warning alarm with message that conveys shortage, material not conveyed for long, receiver waiting for material and regenerative vacuum power unit tripped.

RVPS Isolator switch off and emergency switch off. Alert message for cleaning the filter. The occurrence of it is programmable.


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Automatic Vacuum Loaders

Vacuum Loaders, Automatic Vacuum Loaders, Vacuum Loader, Automatic Vacuum Loader
Automatic Vacuum Loaders


The Bry-Air EcoMove BVL Series Automatic Vacuum Loaders offer large savings to plastics processors, both in terms of man-hours and material by automating the transfer of plastic pellets from shipping containers and storage bins to the processing machines. Engineered for noiseless operation with sleek and easy to handle floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, the BVL series Auto Loaders allow no leakage and are easy to maintain. The compact design ensures that there is no wear and tear and thus needing minimum maintenance.

Options Available

Ratio loading for resin available and regrind magnetic grills for removal of ferrous impurities. Technical specification available for twin loader click here.


  • Noiseless operations.
  • Floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, LED display for ease of operation*.
  • No leakage.
  • No wear and tear.
  • Easily removable receiver for cleaning, less and easy maintenance.
  • Timer-based automatic control for loading sequence, auto start and stop of loading sequence.
  • State-of-the-art clear acrylic/polycarbonate receivers/belleys, clear view of material.
  • Transparent flexible anti-static pipe for conveying material (Optional).
  • High quality easily removable filters.

* Not applicable in BVL - 75 (p) which is machine mounted

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allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20)

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Industrial Dehumidifier - Plastic Mould Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier, Plastic Mould Dehumidifier, Bry-Air Industrial Dehumidi
Industrial Dehumidifier - Plastic Mould Dehumidifier


Increase Productivity with no increase in capacity - The New PMD Series Plastic Mould Dehumidifier

When Chilled water is used for increasing productivity of moulding machines, moisture present in air in vicinity of chilled mould surface condenses.

The condensed water keeps dripping on the machine bed, gets into moulds and causes rusting of moulds and machine bed. The life of the mould and machine bed is severely affected.

This condensation in the core and cavity of the mould will lead to defects in the moulded component. 

Moulds are expensive and need to be protected properly from condensation.To prevent condensation, the area around the plastic mould needs to be maintained with dry air. Bry-Air offers the solution through PMD Series Mould Dehumidification.

The Bry-Air plastic Compact Mould Dehumidifier is a very sturdy and energy efficient unit which provides a constant supply of dry air around  the mould at precisely controlled dewpoint.

Bry Air Mould Dehumidifier PMD series can be directly mounted on machine. The PMD Series Mould dehumidifier is portable and easy to handle.

Salient Features of PMD Series Compact Mould Dehumidifier :

High Efficiency & Reliability

  • Rotor media has high performance metal silicates.
  • Rotor incorporates robust internal structure with stainlesss teel perimeter flange extends media and seal life.
  • CNC fabricated units with powder coated finish.
  • Unique PTFE bonded bulb seal design,minimized air leakage.
  • In built after cooling coil.

Necessary Control & Safeties

  • Differential air pressure switch.
  • High Temperature Safety thermostat cutout.
  • Reactivation cool down safety device.
  • Electrical interlocking of fan motors,heaters and rotor drive.

Easy to Operate

  • Suitable for continuous operation.
  • Auto/Manual selector switch.
  • Indicators for status of heater,power & fault.
  • Volume control damper for both (P&R) airflow.

Easy to Install

  • Several mounting and installation options.
  • Small footprints ; low volume/weight per cmh

Easy to Maintain

  • Quick & Easy to service
  • Rotor is water washable.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Remote start stop through push button station.
  • Dual dry air outlets.

Compact Mould Dehumidifier – PMD Series from Bry-Air will :

  • Eliminate mould sweating 
  • Assist in improving cycle time
  • Improve mould life
  • Reduce scrap rate
  • Enhance product quality

 Feature Overview:


  • High performance metal silicate.
  • High performance metal silicate.(High RH)
  • High performance molecular sieve




Process & Reactivation
  • High capacity metallic mesh filter
  • External box fitted with EU5/filter
  • High Static fan


  • Electric reactivation
  • External box fitted with steam reactivation


  • Cold drawn steel coated with powder coated steel
  • Stainless steel


  • Single stage on/off humidstat
  • Double stage on/off humidstat
  • Proportional humidity sensor with SSR
  • Digital display panel



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