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Air Audit Division


Compressed Air Auditing  - Reducing Your Energy Costs - has become a vital tool for any plant engineer who wants to  reduce compressor air wastage and energy  consumption.

Artic Driers has the biggest compressed air audit equipment capability in Southern Africa and has invested heavily in Air Audit Equipment over recent years. All equipment used is calibrated on a regular basis 

With our twelve channel DS500 and some of 8 off CS 325 data loggers, we have the resources to provide data in multi axis graphs as well as Excel format to clients on multiple compressor houses simultaneously.  REPORTS - All our reports contain the graphs as well as a concise report / overview.  


We are able to log data  and provide graphics on the following;

  • Air Flow
  • Air flow cumulative
  • Ultrasonic liquid flow measurement 
  • Air Pressure
  • Air differential pressure
  • Air flow velocity
  • Air temperature
  • Air dew point and R.H.
  • Power in amps & kWhrs
  • Oil Carry Over Monitoring
  • CO and CO² SO² content

Air & vacuum audits are invaluable in assisting new equipment selections prior to a new purchase or identifying problem areas. Air audits can be undertaken on high pressure lines as high as 340 bar as well as vacuum systems, the only exception being wet vacuum lines.  Dew points as high a +50 and as low as -100°C are achievable


ULTRASONIC LEAK DETECTION - With a variety of tools we are can  establish the compressed air leaks in most plants with a high degree of accuracy enabling  a measurable corrective action plan to be implemented. Our in-house developed systems allow us to capture the severity of the leak, note its dbA rating as well as give an accurate values in volume and rand cost, of the volume of the c/air lost. A report detailing each leak is issued, as well as a consolidated Excel spread sheet.

Any cost incurred in using our services is very quickly recouped in power savings and reductions in wastage.

Permanent Instrumentation Packages. For larger systems, a permanent instrumentation package can be installed to provide a monitoring system that tracks the air systems  flow and pressure performance 24/7. Set alarm points can  be set  using user friendly software. The cost of a compressed air audit is cheap when compared to the cost of compressed air wastage and sub-standard compressed air treatment. The ROI period will be counted in days not months!

We are also able to offer the CS-iTEC CSM-2G system that allows for off site monitoring of any compressed air system. The CSM 2G sytems allows for information to be sent to a SCADA system as well as the engineers desktop or any other mobile device. This system can operate using ZigBee WiFi system.

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