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Service Division

Compressed Air Dryer Service Dept : All Dryer Types All Sizes

After Hours Emergancy Contact:

         Allen Cockfield: 082 451 9205

Artic services all types and makes of air driers. This unique service to industry is predominantly offered to clients in Gauteng & Natal

These are just a few of the brand names serviced:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Compair
  • Hiross
  • Tegnon
  • Sabroe
  • Ultrafilter
  • Zander

Staff Available 24 Hours a Day

Long term AiR Care Plans are offered on any make of air dryer

Air Dryer Service Division

After Hours Emergancy Contact:

     Allen Cockfield:082 451 9205

Air Dryer Service Division in a market where skill have become scarce Artic Driers has the biggest compressed air service department inSouthern Africa with decades of experience.  With an ability to service almost every  brand of air dryer, we are almost unique. Our crews have skills and experience on both the refrigeration and chemical type air dryers,  we offer a unique skills set to any client. 

A variety of services are offered from call outs to breakdowns, routine filter changes,  dryer servicing  and oily water separator change outs on a monthly quarterly  and bi annual services.  Two year contract systems can also be entered into.  Service to “on site” flow and dew point monitoring systems are also undertaken. 

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS service staff are able to verify the dew points and flow rates passing through client machine on site under actual operational conditions if required

DRYER REFURBISHMENT Artic has the ability to refurbish a variety of different brands of dryers back to original specs. If necessary new heat exchangers imported fromEurope are fitted to failed air dryers. 

In the case of twin tower air dyer with have the ability to  hydrostatically  test vessels using our in house recycled high pressure water pumping system.  All tests are witness and signed off by accredited 3rd party inspectors. Nitrogen gas testing of chemical dryers can also be undertaken.

PARTS Unique spare parts for the SPX Jemaco range are held on stock along with large quantities of adsorption chemicals. We are also an official agent & Importer for the “Alwitco” range of mufflers and silencers

REPORTS – Our staff are equipped with the latest Apple I-Pads allowing them to receive and file job requests, job sheets with “on screen job sign off’s” all on the move and connected to the internet 24/7

This ensure relevant information is captured, reports are readable, pictures, if required, are imbedded in the report  and that the report can be forwarded to the client in minutes if required. A full time experienced service manager monitors job progress and captures information in client history files continually.  

Artic has also recently introduced a long term service calendar on to its already comprehensive computer system allowing jobs to be planned months or years in advance.  



After Hours Emergancy Contact:

         Allen Cockfield: 082 451 9205

Artic Driers remanufactures  all leading brands of chemical air dryers at competitive rates.  We provide high grade adsorption media at very competitive rates and we are able to  re-engineer any twin tower to  the original manufacturers standards or better!!

Compliance with pressure vessel regulations is assured. Third party inspections are applied and all vessels are tested prior to despatch.  As an importer and distributor of Alwitco  Silencers & Mufflers machine noise  performance an compliant to any on site noise levels criteria

The Control panels that we fit are either standard PSK panels that have adjustable timer settings, or purpose built PLC based systems.

DEW POINT CONTROL PANELS are engineered in house  to reduce expensive power wastage & wear and tear on the valve components. The payback on this system is very fast, typically  less than a year.

Virtually  all standard heatless twin tower chemical dryers are sold with timer controls. The designer  have to assume maximum RH levels and maximum air loads, often this is not the case! This means that very often these dryers are over purged and under loaded. This is wasteful of expensive compressed air  as the standard air purge flow rate is 15% of the incoming air flow. This escalates if the pressures are lower or the inlet temperature are higher than the design temperature.

The dryers dumb timer system is replaced  with a FA 410  dew point probe and a PLC and the  switch over is then controlled by the exiting dew point. Dew point performance is shown on the control panel, dew point performance history can be downloaded to a USB stick.  Many other features unique apply  to  this product, call us now for details

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