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CS-iTEC partners with Artic Driers in South Africa

The CS-iTEC company (part of CS Instruments Asia) has appointed Artic Driers International as the sole Southern African agent for its broad range of products covering compressed air measurement and mobile auditing equipment

Artic Driers has marketed CS products for many years to its broad client base, as well as using the products within its own growing audit division.

With a view to increasing its presence in the compressed air audit and measurement, the recently formalized distribution agreement with CS-iTEC will increase our product range with the latest technology at highly competitive prices, states Allen Cockfield, CEO of Artic Driers

Compressed air measurement and auditing is now an essential requirement for all companies. As South Africa's power costs increase, the need for greater compressed air efficiency and the reduction in the power used by air compressors is critical.

Artic is at the forefront of this technology having developed a range of air auditing systems, air leak detection programs, and more recently, air optimization systems. With the biggest air auditing equipment capacity in the country and years of experience in the industry the blend of CS- iTEC and Artic Driers is perfect

Our Technology and Products

Located in Germany and China, CS-iTEC have combined the German quest for precision and quality with the Asian drive for speed and innovation. With their in-house technology, they are independent, customer oriented, flexible and affordable. Through cooperation with leading institutes and universities CS-iTEC remains ahead of the curve in technological advancement.

From complex ideas, masterful innovation, and superior attention to detail, CS-iTEC have forged a product line of instruments fulfilling its mission: to measure and monitor compressed air and gas systems.

CS-iTEC Customers

They have established long-term relationships with many international players by providing reliable and quality service as well as practical products that do what they are supposed to do.

These customers are among the leading companies in Asia and Europe, creating a unique link that gives CS-iTEC the inside track for our continued technical innovations for practical use both today and tomorrow. The association of Artic Driers and CS-iTEC will no doubt lead to even more valuable relationships on the African continent