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Cost-effective condensate drain valve


Air dryer maintenance do’s and don’ts

163q76.jpgRefrigeration air dryers are very reliable and provided they are correctly selected for the application and installed correctly will give many years of service. Dryers have to be re-rated to operate in South Africa’s high inlet and ambient temperatures and the manufacturer’s design flow rates have to be reduced to keep the thermal load in balance. If operating pressures are lower than 7 bar this also reduces the dryer’s flow capacity.

New Stainless Steel Filters

New Stainless Filter Casings

We have also launched a very  cost effective range of stainless steel filter casings at fantastic prices.

With port sizes from ½ to 2̎ BSP

These, stainless casings  are well suited for a wide range of applications


These include;



 Artic Driers International Launches the all New E Series Range of

Cost Effective Inline, Coalescing Filters.

After months of preparation and pre-launch planning Artic has now officially launched the new range of low cost  inline coalescing filters with high end feature .  The filters are manufactured to exacting ISO  filter specifications a

CS-iTEC partners with Artic Driers in South Africa

The CS-iTEC company (part of CS Instruments Asia) has appointed Artic Driers International as the sole Southern African agent for its broad range of products covering compressed air measurement and mobile auditing equipment

Artic Driers has marketed CS products for many years to its broad client base, as well as using the products within its own growing audit division.


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Compressed Air Auditing - The New Buzz Word In Town

Compressed Air Auditing, Compressed Air TestingCompressed air auditing is “the” new buzz word in town. This service is offered by many in the compressed air industry, sometimes for free, while others charge for the service.

Eye up your compressed air treatment provider


Air Quality Monitoring For Pneumatic Systems

If you demand high quality compressed air for your pneumatic applications the DS 500 Monitoring system is the answer. It alerts staff of a compressed air quality problem before it is evident on the production floor by monitoring all the components of the air system in the compressor room.
Providing real time monitoring and controlling of any air or gas systems it takes system supervision to a new level.

Hospital & Medical Quality Compressed Air

dsc_0857_0.jpgCompressed air quality for hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical manufacturers present a variety of challenges for an engineer.

For many the requirements of ISO8573 is a difficult standard to achieve, even fewer are able to monitor the actual performance of the air leaving the compressor station!