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The Unbreakable TX Air Dryer

The Unbreakable TX Air Drier

The design of any air dryer is critical to its life span.   Many dryers, especially the smaller dryers for air compressors with capacities from 0.45 to 2.5 m³/min are built to a price.

tx_dryer-120x140.jpgThere are a number of components that make up a dryer. They are a Freon compressor, a heat exchanger to cool the compressed air to 3°C and the finned condenser coil with its electric fan.

R Class Air Dryers – Reduced Prices

R Class Air Dryers – Reduced Prices

The R Class air dryer range is a great alternative for applications where capital purchase cost is a prime requirement in the purchasing process. Due to  lower import exchange rates we now have great deals for you

Ranging in sizes from 1.8 to 354m³/min at 7 bar these units are priced attractively and well-constructed.

Point of Use Drying & Oil Removal

Point of Use Drying & Oil Removal

This is an ideal solution for clients that need high quality compressed air at the point of use.  

Our E series range of filter casings can be fitted with  new adsorption canisters that offers point of use air c/air drying and / or oil removal to below carryover levels of  <0.003 ppm.

Bry-Air® solves Server Room Contamination problems

Bry-Air® solves Server Room Contamination problems


Quality Filters at Low Prices

January Deals

Here’s wishing you a Bumper 2018.

Just in case Santa was nasty to you over the holidays  we have a number of  “deals” for you to kick off your sa


les for 2018. Artic Driers presents a new Artic condensate drain offerings

Point of Sale Display for Artic Condensate Drains