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Compressed Air Water Separators

Water Separator

The new range of water separators is now available from Artic Driers.

For ½ to 80 mm screwed these are priced to sell. Complete with float type drains in the housing as standard. Timed electric drains are also available as an option

These units are available from stock right now!

Optional Extra - Artic 22 - Timed Automatic Condensate Drain

The ARTIC 22 3/8” timed automatic condensate drain eliminates the risk of human error and the costly aftermath, by providing regular controlled air system drainage, on time, every time.

The timer is compact & manufactured in tough ABS fire resistant material. The timers are manufactured to IP 65 NEMA 4 standard. Two externally mounted knobs that are graduated for ease of setting make timing adjustments easy. The opening time of the drain is from is 0 to 45 seconds and the interval between drains is 0.5 to 45 minutes

The timer can be manually triggered and is fitted with two high intensity LED's showing the operational status.

The ARTIC 22 timer is suitable for voltages from 24 V to 240 volt, while the brass bodied valve has a large 4.2 mm orifice Please specify coil voltage on order placement of order.

If your application has heavy solids we suggest that an inline Strainer/Shut off valve is used with the Artic 22. This allows the condensate drain module to be checked while in service


  • The Artic 22 valve is also available in a 40 bar and 80 bar version in brass as well as stainless steel.
  • Valve port sizes, ¼, 3/8 ½ . Please note 3/8 is our standard valve body
  • You can buy any item as a spare, bodies coils or timers
  • Coils available in 12AC 24 AC or DC, 110 and 220 volt
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Tray Dryers for Drying Seeds & Agro Products

Seed Dryers, Tray Dryers, Bry Air Seed Dryers, Bry Air Tray Dryer
Seed Dryers


The Bry-Air® Seed Dryers and Seed Storage Systems dry and preserve seeds without affecting their quality.

Seeds need to be preserved for short term and long term for future use ..replanting as well as research. Seed ageing and ultimately death occurs due to time. However, it is possible to ensure long survival of seeds by controlling temperature and relative humidity. Reduction in temperature and moisture content ensures increased seed life.

Seeds can be preserved for long period by lowering the moisture content of seeds to around 5%.This is achieved by drying the seeds. Conventionally, seeds are dried at elevated temperatures which destroy their germination potential.

Bry-Air Seed Dryers, based on the state-of-the-art Desiccant Dehumidification Drying Technology, dry the seeds to the required level in approximately eight (8) hours without affecting their quality.

Seeds dried prior to storage can regain moisture and suffer damage if not stored under controlled conditions. Dried seeds can be preserved for years in dehumidified stores without loss of germination potential.

Bry-Air Dehumidification based Seed Dryers and Storage Systems are being used extensively world over by commercial and plant breeding organisations including the FAO.

Air Dryer Service Division

After Hours Emergancy Contact:

     Allen Cockfield:082 451 9205

Air Dryer Service Division in a market where skill have become scarce Artic Driers has the biggest compressed air service department inSouthern Africa with decades of experience.  With an ability to service almost every  brand of air dryer, we are almost unique. Our crews have skills and experience on both the refrigeration and chemical type air dryers,  we offer a unique skills set to any client. 

A variety of services are offered from call outs to breakdowns, routine filter changes,  dryer servicing  and oily water separator change outs on a monthly quarterly  and bi annual services.  Two year contract systems can also be entered into.  Service to “on site” flow and dew point monitoring systems are also undertaken. 

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS service staff are able to verify the dew points and flow rates passing through client machine on site under actual operational conditions if required

DRYER REFURBISHMENT Artic has the ability to refurbish a variety of different brands of dryers back to original specs. If necessary new heat exchangers imported fromEurope are fitted to failed air dryers. 

In the case of twin tower air dyer with have the ability to  hydrostatically  test vessels using our in house recycled high pressure water pumping system.  All tests are witness and signed off by accredited 3rd party inspectors. Nitrogen gas testing of chemical dryers can also be undertaken.

PARTS Unique spare parts for the SPX Jemaco range are held on stock along with large quantities of adsorption chemicals. We are also an official agent & Importer for the “Alwitco” range of mufflers and silencers

REPORTS – Our staff are equipped with the latest Apple I-Pads allowing them to receive and file job requests, job sheets with “on screen job sign off’s” all on the move and connected to the internet 24/7

This ensure relevant information is captured, reports are readable, pictures, if required, are imbedded in the report  and that the report can be forwarded to the client in minutes if required. A full time experienced service manager monitors job progress and captures information in client history files continually.  

Artic has also recently introduced a long term service calendar on to its already comprehensive computer system allowing jobs to be planned months or years in advance.  

Air Silencers and Mufflers

Air Silencers and Mufflers

The Allied Witan range of silencers & mufflers offers the widest range for almost any possible pneumatic noise suppression application and is manufactured in the USA to international standards. 


Nearly all the silencers stocked by Artic have the ability to have the central silencing core / element replaced as a spare part if it becomes clogged or damaged.   This low cost replacement element will dramatically reduce the cost of noise suppression for your plant.


The B, X and Bantam series silencers are standard stock items at Artic Driers. Our stock ranges from 1/8 to 4” BSP male.


Allied Witan also produce, Vacuum Exhaust Silencers, High pressure silencers as well as air inlet silencers for air compressors.


Download the brochure to see the full range of products on offer.

Industrial Dehumidifier - Plastic Mould Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier, Plastic Mould Dehumidifier, Bry-Air Industrial Dehumidi
Industrial Dehumidifier - Plastic Mould Dehumidifier


Increase Productivity with no increase in capacity - The New PMD Series Plastic Mould Dehumidifier

When Chilled water is used for increasing productivity of moulding machines, moisture present in air in vicinity of chilled mould surface condenses.

The condensed water keeps dripping on the machine bed, gets into moulds and causes rusting of moulds and machine bed. The life of the mould and machine bed is severely affected.

This condensation in the core and cavity of the mould will lead to defects in the moulded component. 

Moulds are expensive and need to be protected properly from condensation.To prevent condensation, the area around the plastic mould needs to be maintained with dry air. Bry-Air offers the solution through PMD Series Mould Dehumidification.

The Bry-Air plastic Compact Mould Dehumidifier is a very sturdy and energy efficient unit which provides a constant supply of dry air around  the mould at precisely controlled dewpoint.

Bry Air Mould Dehumidifier PMD series can be directly mounted on machine. The PMD Series Mould dehumidifier is portable and easy to handle.

Salient Features of PMD Series Compact Mould Dehumidifier :

High Efficiency & Reliability

  • Rotor media has high performance metal silicates.
  • Rotor incorporates robust internal structure with stainlesss teel perimeter flange extends media and seal life.
  • CNC fabricated units with powder coated finish.
  • Unique PTFE bonded bulb seal design,minimized air leakage.
  • In built after cooling coil.

Necessary Control & Safeties

  • Differential air pressure switch.
  • High Temperature Safety thermostat cutout.
  • Reactivation cool down safety device.
  • Electrical interlocking of fan motors,heaters and rotor drive.

Easy to Operate

  • Suitable for continuous operation.
  • Auto/Manual selector switch.
  • Indicators for status of heater,power & fault.
  • Volume control damper for both (P&R) airflow.

Easy to Install

  • Several mounting and installation options.
  • Small footprints ; low volume/weight per cmh

Easy to Maintain

  • Quick & Easy to service
  • Rotor is water washable.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Remote start stop through push button station.
  • Dual dry air outlets.

Compact Mould Dehumidifier – PMD Series from Bry-Air will :

  • Eliminate mould sweating 
  • Assist in improving cycle time
  • Improve mould life
  • Reduce scrap rate
  • Enhance product quality

 Feature Overview:


  • High performance metal silicate.
  • High performance metal silicate.(High RH)
  • High performance molecular sieve




Process & Reactivation
  • High capacity metallic mesh filter
  • External box fitted with EU5/filter
  • High Static fan


  • Electric reactivation
  • External box fitted with steam reactivation


  • Cold drawn steel coated with powder coated steel
  • Stainless steel


  • Single stage on/off humidstat
  • Double stage on/off humidstat
  • Proportional humidity sensor with SSR
  • Digital display panel



allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Industrial%20Dehumidifier%20Quotation%20Required%20) (Click here to request a quote)

Compressed Air Dryer Service Dept : All Dryer Types All Sizes

After Hours Emergancy Contact:

         Allen Cockfield: 082 451 9205

Artic services all types and makes of air driers. This unique service to industry is predominantly offered to clients in Gauteng & Natal

These are just a few of the brand names serviced:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Compair
  • Hiross
  • Tegnon
  • Sabroe
  • Ultrafilter
  • Zander

Staff Available 24 Hours a Day

Long term AiR Care Plans are offered on any make of air dryer

Artic 22

Artic 22 - Automatic Drain Valve

Artic 22-2 timed automatic condensate drains are the country’s most popular condensate drain. For over two decades this has been a proven standard for drainage of systems, air dryers, coolers and filters. Artic has made a point of sourcing high quality drains at the lowest prices.

Almost every compressed air treatment process creates a water /oil condensate, this condensate must be removed from the air stream before the compressed air velocity carries it into the distribution system.

Drain times are easily set from 0 to 10 secs with the drain interval being adjustable from 0.5 to 45 mins.  A function test button makes operator testing easy. A full range of different voltage coils is available.

A High Pressure 40 bar version of this valve is available

The drain is supplied with an isolation valve /strainer to protect the drain valve from inline debris.


Inlet Port½ BSP fem
Outlet Port? fem 
Voltages available 12 vDC, 12vAC, 110v, 220v 
Protection RatingIP65 when assembled
Max working pressure          16 bar
Drain Body MaterialMachined Brass 



  • Large capacity filters & water separators
  • Air dryers ≤45 m3/min
  • Air receivers ≤500 litrs
  • Airline drain lines


Automatic Vacuum Loaders

Vacuum Loaders, Automatic Vacuum Loaders, Vacuum Loader, Automatic Vacuum Loader
Automatic Vacuum Loaders


The Bry-Air EcoMove BVL Series Automatic Vacuum Loaders offer large savings to plastics processors, both in terms of man-hours and material by automating the transfer of plastic pellets from shipping containers and storage bins to the processing machines. Engineered for noiseless operation with sleek and easy to handle floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, the BVL series Auto Loaders allow no leakage and are easy to maintain. The compact design ensures that there is no wear and tear and thus needing minimum maintenance.

Options Available

Ratio loading for resin available and regrind magnetic grills for removal of ferrous impurities. Technical specification available for twin loader click here.


  • Noiseless operations.
  • Floor mounted blower console with efficient filters and controls, LED display for ease of operation*.
  • No leakage.
  • No wear and tear.
  • Easily removable receiver for cleaning, less and easy maintenance.
  • Timer-based automatic control for loading sequence, auto start and stop of loading sequence.
  • State-of-the-art clear acrylic/polycarbonate receivers/belleys, clear view of material.
  • Transparent flexible anti-static pipe for conveying material (Optional).
  • High quality easily removable filters.

* Not applicable in BVL - 75 (p) which is machine mounted


allen [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Vacuum%20Loaders%20Quotation%20Required%20) (Click here to request a quote) 


Dewpoint Monitors and Alarms

Energy Saving

 Artic Driers can offer users a reliable and easy to use system for any dew point monitoring / alarm system. From simple probes that will provide a volt  free contact to a light or horn, to  others that will provide a local dew point LCD display & settable alarm with a 4-20mAmp signal that can be coupled to a central computer system.

 Artic staff are well versed in the range of instruments and are constantly attending the latest courses to  ensure that we are up to  date at all times

 Relying on an air dryer display does not tell you the real  state of the compressed air systems dryness, and a dryers fascia panel will only  tell you the physical  compressed air temperature, not the moisture content  of the compressed air line! 

 One simple blocked drain will infect an air system very quickly and this fault is very easy for an operator to  overlook for days or even weeks.

 A dew point alarm will give you instant pre warning of an imminent system contamination  


audit [at] articdriers [dot] co [dot] za (Subject: Dewpoint%20Monitoring%20Quotation%20Required%20) (Click here to request a quote)


Artic 22 SBS

Artic 22 SBS - Automatic Drain Valve

The ARTIC 22-SBS is a ½ timed automatic drain valve eliminates the risk of human neglect and the possible costly aftermath of air system contamination  by providing regular controlled condensate draining of your air system , on time, every time,  automatically.


The ARTIC 22-SBS unit is a derivative of the famous Artic22-2.  The prime difference is that the Artic 22-SBS has a solid brass body with built in strainer and isolation ball valve. It removes the hassle of a separate strainer valve.


The unit is suitable for a wide range of compressed air system components such as aftercoolers, dryers, filters, pressure vessels & piping systems  regardless of their size or capacity – simply adjust the interval and discharge times to suit the particular compressed air system.