Detect and manage your compressed air leaks -  Save your time and costs

Finding leaks in the compressed air system is the first step into energy saving. The leaking compressed air causes immense electrical costs, as your compressors are running more than they would actually need to run.

S531 is a smart ultrasonic leak detector that helps users quickly find and record leakages in compressed air or any gas systems. The built-in touch screen assists the user easy operation in leak detecting. Photographing and voice recording make leak surveys more flexible and efficient.

S531 is designed to work with SUTO Leak Management Software (LMS) to enable companies to properly manage their leakage detection and repair activities.


•  Find leaks in compressed air systems easily 

   even from a distance.

•  Fast return on investment

•  Easy to use, but powerful in performance.

•  The perfect tool for professional leak detection

•  Full support for Leak Surveys with the SUTO 

    Leak Management Software (LMS)

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