Has mankind just pushed our habitat a step too far? I believe so! COVID-19 has smashed all the “normalities” that we knew – the ability to travel, to have friends and families to our houses, among many others.

Not even mentioning the inability to cross our provincial borders, we have been deprived the privilege to share a glass of wine or beer with our loved ones in the comfort of our houses or at our local taverns.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly turned our world on its head; it has killed thousands of people and wrecked many companies, large and small. It has all but annihilated the airline and travel industry at large. It has pushed up air freight rates for an importer through the roof.

Before the lockdown we had started a conversation with an organisation called “Stop Rhino Poaching”. The staff and had come to the opinion that the company, with the help of our clients, could make a positive contribution to reduce rhino poaching in South Africa.

COVID-19 pretty much placed a very large spanner in the works as my staff and had to turn our attentions to keeping the company functional, and at the same time, launch a whole range of dryers that were / are ideal for breathing air use in clinics and hospitals.

We will be taking a 2% slice of all air dryer sales values and donating it to the “Stop Rhino Poaching” organisation for a trial period of six months, effective 1 October 202. Each time a client makes a dryer purchase, we will make a 2% (pre Vat) donation on behalf of the client to the “Stop Rhino Poaching” organisation.

A payment receipt will be forwarded to the client. Our objective is that the process muct be as transparent as possible. The payment will be made back to back with the client’s payment to us, and the receipt process will be confirmed within 24 hours of the incoming payment to Artic. At any time the client may call on us to verify the donation transfer, and Artic Driers International will comply.

Surely, as a business we have to make a profit to survive and also have to pay our staff and our creditors, but there has to be a point at which we also take a stance and actively participate in protecting our unique heritage for now and for the future benefit of our children.

We have to do this now, not tomorrow or next year, but now! We have to make a positive contribution to our planet’s future. The “Stop Rhino Poaching” campaign is just one of many genuine organisations that can help us protect our heritage. I challenge other companies in the compressed air world, amd any other business for that matter, to get involved in any organisation that can make any positive change in our world. Come, join us in this small step to protecting a species and our environment.

~ By Allen Cockfield, CEO of Artic Driers.